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can help nothing. think, you will find..

Category: Classic Rock

5 thoughts on “ Polly Are You Mad - Stringbean - Unforgettable Stringbean (CD)

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  3. Stringbean, best known as a country music comedian, was also an outstanding banjo player in the old-timey style of Uncle Dave Macon. Though a long-time member of The Grand Ole Opry, he won even more fame through his appearances on the television series Hee Haw, in the late s and early s.
  4. Sep 23,  · I’m certain that when they call her a string bean, they intend it as a compliment. After all, we’ve trained men, one way or another, to flatter us this way. But my daughter doesn’t take it as a compliment. What she hears is that people — men — are sizing .
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