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8 thoughts on “ Agathocles / Academic Worms - Slaves For All Days / Miséria Global (Vinyl)

  1. We must all move on. You could only be our gate slave for a short time. We need our slaves for harder work, to keep the farm going. I managed to get you transferred to a chain in the Barn. I hope you are grateful. The Barn is much easier work than work the fields! You would not like being a chained slave in the fields! You have a new supervisor.
  2. Mar 21,  · Vinyl 37,,; CD 14,,; Cassette ,; DVD ,; Box Set ,; Genre. submitted De Blenders / Agathocles - Never Mind Agathocles, Here's The Sex Blenders (The Plooi Sessions) submitted Agathocles / Academic Worms - Slaves For All Days / Miséria Global. over 4 years ago: submitted Sunpower - Last.
  3. M.O.M. / Agathocles: Split: The Belgian Campaign for Musical Destruction Continues! Split: Mincecore Not Wargore: Collection Tape '' Compilation: The Struggle Continue: Compilation: Let There Be Snot! / Untitled: Split: 1 (10%) Traditional Rites: Split: 2 (68%) Agarchy: EP: 2 (83%) Agathocles.
  4. This Mandalorian slave was enslaved in the City of Bone on the planet Mandalore. During a lunch break, this slave began to complain about the poor quality of the food being served. While eating out of a trough, he claimed that he couldn't eat the food because something in it was still alive. The Imperial slaver, Alph, who was overseeing the slaves eat, decided to torture the slave for his.
  5. For the slave schedules, census enumerators were instructed to provide the names of all slaves age years or more. Because there was no particular place to write a slave name on the census form, the enumerators wrote the names in a variety of places, including the same column with the slaveholder, the age column, and the other columns.
  6. Agathocles x Abusive split - All System Kills R$10, Agathocles - Beerhouse live brazil tour R$10, Agathocles - Commence to Mince R$10, Agathocles - Lords of Armagedoom R$10, Agathocles x Academic Worms split - Slaves for All Days/Miséria Global R$10, D.L - Valemos Menos que Sus Balas R$10, Visão Vermelha - Escarro R.
  7. Explore the Misc Slaves collection - the favourite images chosen by ShadowWarrior on DeviantArt.

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